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Monday, February 26, 2007

Green Line molestation

I had a disturbing trip on the green line the other night. I was coming back from school. As usual I climbed aboard a jam packed train and had to squeeze in front of some people to grab a pole. As I grab a pole I noticed that this guy slid right in behind me and grabbed the same pole. Let me tell you there was no where AT ALL for me to move and I think he knew that. SO he immediately pushes his crotch against my butt. Which has happened to me they think I am just there for their pleasure??? This is when it gets worst though. I KNOW he actually pulled out his penis because I could feel the thing poking and literally throbbing as he was grinding up on me. The whole time his face was like 1 inch from me. I really felt scared. BUT yes this guy really did it. A hand started rubbing my crotch too like really rubbing it.. I was too scared to even look back and it could have been someone else too. it was SOOO tight I couldn’t go anywhere. Anyway he kept going then all the sudden pushed really hard and stopped. Just then he got off the train quickly and I never even really got a chance to see his face. However he did leave a disgusting wad of something on my jeans. I don’t know if it was spit or I HOPE not what I think it was. I am actually taking the bus for a while…. I was totally degraded and I would have taken a pic but I was like petrified and just tried to shrivel up and go away. I wish that creep's piece would fall off.

Krista, Brookline

Monday, February 19, 2007

On dem trains...

Taking the train back late this Sunday afternoon, I was harassed by a man on the train. He was drunk, and repeatedly asking me for all kinds of personal information: my name, where I lived, my phone number, where I was going on the train. At first I didn't respond, and then when I finally did, I told him I wasn't interested, and I didn't give out personal information, or go out with strange men I met on the T. He kept insisting that I should because he told me that I was attractive, like it was a gift he was giving, or insurance against future misogyny from him. It was an outbound train, and as it went further along, I got scared that he would follow me off at my stop. My T stop, and the ones around it let off in residential areas, where there's no gas station or business that I could escape to and call the police. He got off a few stops before mine, and I guess I looked pretty upset because the man next to me asked if I was okay, and then told me that he was looking out to step in if the guy moved from verbal to physical harassment. A woman across from me said the same thing, and when I told her I wanted to take his picture but was too scared to provoke him, she said HollaBackBoston accepts written submissions too.

Jamaica Plain, MA

Friday, February 16, 2007

Masters of disguise

This story actually happened when I was still an undergraduate at K.U. in Lawrence, KS. I had walked to the grocery store at about 8 pm one night, which I didn't think was the craziest idea ever. I wanted some fresh air, and the store was about a half mile from my apartment, the area is well-lit, and the whole walk is along major streets in a nice part of town. I had gotten the couple of things that I needed, and as I was entering the parking lot I had a guy approach me asking for any spare change, he had run out of gas, was trying to get back to Kansas City. Who cares if it's true (although it's probably not), so I gave the guy some change, and told him good luck getting back. Then he starts following me! I look back over my shoulder a few times to make sure, yup, there he is. So two buildings down is a gas station, and I start heading for it, figuring I'd go in and tell the clerk I was being followed, and have them call the police (I didn't have a cell). As luck would have it there was a cop sitting in the parking lot, so I knocked on his window, told him this guy was following me, and I didn't want him knowing where I lived. As soon as this guy rounds the corner and sees me talking to the cop, he goes back around the corner, puts on the sweater he had tied around his waist, then acts like he was just nonchalantly walking past. I'm telling you, the guy was like the fucking Master of Disguise or something. Anyways, the cop went to talk to him, and told me to walk home. It was such a scary experience and really drove home the point that I should be aware of my surroundings no matter how safe things may seem. Guess creeps really are everywhere.


Monday, February 12, 2007

Passin' YOU by

The leering was lame, but giving us some sort of bunny ears symbol? Not your bunny, sir. Not any kind of furry animal that you can have.

We even got a quick clip of them driving away. Guess some guys will do anything to get some on a Saturday night. When are they gonna learn that car to car communication is only hurting their cause? They must not know that when they try this shit, I instantly think about the times they didn't harmlessly drive away.

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