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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Harassment comes in many forms

I was walking into the Borders at Downtown Crossing and this guy said hello to me and held open the door. I responded, "thank you," and continued into the store. I guess I shouldn't have been so polite, since he followed me all over the store. I even went into the ladies room and stayed there for a few minutes, but when I left he had been standing next to the door and started following me again. I should have gone to a clerk and have them paged the manager or something. I really should have. But instead I was just ducking behind shelves and called one of my friends, letting her know what was going on, and keeping her on the line. I finally made a beeline for the door and when I got outside, I turned around to make sure this guy wasn't following me but sure enough, he was heading down the escalator staring rather evilly at me. I took off in a rather unconventional way to get to the Government Center T stop, absolutely terrified. And when I thought I saw him in the T station, I even got on a different train than the one I needed. Luckily, I heard a guy on the phone behind me calling the MBTA police, and the chaser disappeared. Not so much verbal harassment as stalking, but absolutely terrifying all the same.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bring it on home

I've experienced many lewd comments whilst living in Boston, but definitely one of the more disturbing incidents of harassment occurred when I was in my hometown for a couple days this past summer. My car was running on empty, so I stopped to get some gas. It was the middle of the of the day, and at a busy suburban intersection. I filled up the tank and walked to the store to pay. A group of guys were sitting in a decrepit vehicle next to the curb, and one shouted at me that I dropped my keys. I looked down and nope, no keys. I threw a withering stare their way and kept walking, to hissing and cackling and "oh come on baby, we just tryin' to have some fun!" No, assholes, not fun. And they just didn't know how to quit. They were still sitting there when I returned to my car and one guy stuck his head out the window and yelled for me to "bring [my] sweet self back over." That did it. Normally, I ignore disgusting creeps like these guys. But I turned around and told them to go fuck themselves, as clearly they didn't know how to respect women enough to actually get one. And with that I got in my car and drove off.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I was out playing pool with my boyfriend one night, and he calls his friend to come pick us up. The guy shows up, and he's 24 years old- and he's talking to my friend about his crazy drive there and then goes on about how he "has a little one on the way". Mind you, I'm only 16. My boyfriend turns around to grab something out of his bag, and as he does this guy looks me up and down a few times, then smiles and winks at me- all the while as my boyfriend was standing mere feet away! Not only that, but he was about to have a baby?? WTF is that, and why is he creeping on little girls? I was too embarrassed to complain to my boyfriend about it, but I made sure to stick close to him whenever this guy was around.

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